PC Monster Race Edition $100


Yeah, it should’ve, but it didn’t. That’s what I’m saying. xD i’ve checked anywhere it could’ve been, restarted my steam, it’s just… Gone. o.o


Hol’on, little clarification, the Monster Race bonus is basically the Pot-A-Gold bonus? Where it comes with EVERYTHING the lower options come with, and more?

I want me that Savage Goliath skin still. That’s going to be my favorite c:


Magma skin is where its at :smiley:


I’ll gift you mine.

I don’t want it in my inventory and have literally noone I could give it to lol


If it doesn’t come up within about 30 minutes, screen shot the page and email support. When I’ve done this in the past they fixed it pretty quick.

Two new maps incoming!

Thing to remember is, all these various packs and such…none of them have truly exclusive content. The closest to exclusivity we have is timed exclusives. Everything will be available to everyone eventually.

It still drives me a bit batty that I can’t get a custom skin for my ghost in Destiny because I showed up to the party late. :disappointed:

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Damnit, i pre ordered on steam a while a go now (i think the first day of the big alpha). I would like the pc monster edition, is there a chance that you can add an upgrade from a previous pre order like alien isolation did ?


If you look at the first post it shows how to cancel a current pre-order so you can re order this


Yes, in my haste I didn’t look at that, what a nice feature!

DONE! And it gives your money back immediately!

PC MASTER uhm… monster race here i come :slight_smile:


Two quick questions:

First, is the PC Monster Race Edition virtual only? I’m the kind of guy that likes having a disc, so I’m feeling just so torn! Plus, if I can net this one with the exterminator set at gamestop, I totally will.

Second, is Savage Goliath included in the preorder for this version? I didn’t see it mentioned in the announcement.

  1. idk
    2)[quote=“YouGotBrained, post:1, topic:26006”]
    Those who pre-purchase the PC Monster Race Edition will also receive Behemoth and the Savage Goliath Skin when they are released.

So yes, it is!


It’s Steam Digital Download only as far as I know.


I just had my GMG pre-order refunded! :slight_smile:


I think the key words are PRE PURCHASE


Thanks! i didn’t catch that on my first read through. This is so exciting!


close enough :wink:


What? did i miss something?


no, talking about myself… my answer was close enough to the truth.


I guess we’ll see then, I have my ticket in still. Glad you got yours!


So guys need some clarification.The PC Monster Race is the top bundle we can buy?If we buy that one we take all passes and DLC’s that have been announced etc etc?Also i guess for me its 79.99 because i buy in euros?