PC Monster Race Edition $100


PC Monster Race Edition at $100
The Evolve PC Monster Race Edition contains $131.88 of content for $99.99
PC Monster Race Edition includes the main game as well as the Hunting Season Pass, a fifth unannounced playable monster, two additional Hunters, and four Monster skins that will will be timed exclusives for 30 days.

Those who pre-purchase the PC Monster Race Edition will also receive Behemoth and the Savage Goliath Skin when they are released.

To refund a current pre-order on steam so you can pre-order a different edition:

HOW MUCH?!?!?!?

DLC Clarification Please

ZOMG!!! HYPE. REALLY glad I held off on buying :slight_smile:

Also, love the play on words. Monster Race instead of Master Race :smiley: haha


Are you insane do you want me to straight up set my wallet on fire or something who do you think you are


I hope i can cancel my preorder and order this on steam. If it isnt too crazy priced.


The 9 cents I have left in my steam wallet will cover this, right?


Well, I know how I’m preordering now!


Hell ME 2 !


i pre-ordered 7


Dangit. Will it be possible for us to upgrade our boring old pre-order to Monster Edition?


I hope so… i dont know how to cancel a steam pre-order… i have never canceled before.


I found the price, it is $100… i wish i wasnt poor :frowning:


Should’ve been Magster Race, sorry. 7/10 for trying to play on words, 2k, but you picked the wrong one. >:)


But real talk, where buy monster race :frowning: how many monies
I too held off for just such an opportunity. I must.
It calls to me.


$100 according to IGN


Weird that in addition to T4 Hunters it mentions 2 ‘additional’ hunters. I wonder what that is about. Half of another group of Hunters, or do they think 2 ‘classes’ need more variety?


I think it’s up on Steam right now, though just called the " Digital Deluxe " edition. Not 100% sure that’s it, though.

Hopefully the moment they update that they also add an upgrade for regular preorders.


Well it includes the 5th tier monster and i would think half the 5th tier hunters. but who knows maybe they could only come up with 2 more great characters and didnt want to put out 2 duds


That is a different version.


Yeah? What’s in that one?


Evolve Digital Deluxe Edition ($80 USD): This edition
is available for pre-purchase now on PC and Xbox One, and it’s coming
soon to PS4. It includes everything that comes with the regular game,
plus the Hunting Season Pass