PC Monster Race "4 exclusive skins for 30 days"


What are they and why dont I have them yet D: I wanna enjoy them already D:


I believe they were the “Cosmic” skins for Goliath, Krkaken and Wraith, and the “Jade” skin for Behemoth.


They are aware of the issue and are working on it… So much for 30 days though hehe


I personally think that they should be extending it by how ever much is missed cause of the bug.


What happened to the “Exterminator” skins they not coming too?


Those are in the store


I’ve seen them in the shop, but the link was not updated I think.


They aint in the store for PC bruh


I just bought them on Steam like 30 min ago. (Exterminator & Leviathan skin packs.) Go through the in-game store if they don’t show up on Steam right away. It will link back to Steam cart.


They are though :confused:

Exterminator skins for all the first tier hunters


I think they are these “Cosmic” skins:


Anybody else got some better pictures? :smiley:


Is this a real one?:slight_smile:


well exclusive for 30 days would be a lie then, Because I bought jade last night and could have bought cosmic skins


What platform and version of Evolve did you get?


Digital deluxe, XB1


I think the Digital Deluxe is on par with the PCMR. It’s the only thing I can think of.


Never seen anything mentioned in it at all, but I for sure bought jade last night, and own it, I also seen cosmic for purchase in the evolve store, soooooo


Same here. Bought jade, cosmic pack, and both Savage skins.


I have the regular edition on the XB1 and I have the Jade skin and can buy the Cosmic ones.


need 25 more cents for the kraken savage skin :confused: