[PC]Monster pounced me into a wall


Map:Rendering Plant

Monster sneak attack me and push me inside the wall in Arena fight mode


This isn’t entirely a bug, while you were indeed pushed through the wall by a pounce there’s nothing showing that this is a bug. You were the last alive and couldn’t be saved nor did the EK stop the pounce so there’s no way of knowing whether or not you would’ve actually fallen through the world.

While you may be able to see through the wall and partially outside the map there’s no real bug about this situation as the way pouncing works this would easily be done due to clipping errors.

Given that this is an extremely on the line “bug” (i.e No way of knowing whether or not you would’ve gone through the wall) I will leave this to a Mod/Leader to make the decision on this thread though I will change the title to clarify it a bit.

Again, pouncing works this way and just because you can see through the wall doesn’t mean that you are through the wall or in this case that you would’ve been stuck in the wall after the pounce concluded.

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The real question is, Where did the corpse go?


This is something that happens a lot with Krakens.