(PC) Monster looking for a team(fluffy kittenmonster up for adoption?)


Hei guys I’m looking for a group to play with/against.
I suck with Goliath, I’m decent with Kraken but I just don’t find it engaging enough.
My go to monster is the Wraith, where I’m top 5 on the PC ladderboards. I’ve been playing without Decoy for the last 100 games or so, and I’ve recently started using the Wall Climb perk in order to get used to playing practically without perks. Most of my matches end in 5-6 minutes lately, and I’m looking for ways to improve myself and maybe do some competitive play.

If anyone’s interested, feel free to post here or add me on Steam, tag is same as in the forums (with a little Alien in the profile picture)

Edit: I’m also quite a good trapper I believe, I’d enjoy to play with people as such.

Edit2: Edited the title since no love yet :slight_smile:


I am going to test you if I can, ok? Right now I’m in work but feel free to add me I wil let you know in few hours.


I’m also at work atm, we’ll figure it tonight


Hello there I just thought that I should inform you that taw is currently recruiting for new members. We have ranging skill levels for our hunters and monsters and it sounds like you would fit right in with us. Also if you are looking for comp play we are still getting our team(s) made ATM so if your good enough for it you could make it into the comp team. You can find more info and sign up for taw at taw.net

My personal steam Id is [TAW] Killerdog . If you have any questions about taw or about me just MSG me on steam.


From :slight_smile: ?


I live in France atm.


I add you but in case not this is my id


Bump :smile:


And up again