[PC] Monster looking for a mid-high level competitive team


I’m looking for a mid to high level competitive team that’s participating or planning to join the ESL, EHL or other tournaments, preferably large ones. I main Kraken but I’m absolutely fine practicing the other monsters if I need to. Won 8 out of 9 matches in the DGL tournament as monster (one loss and one win against the same team). Have been scrimming Epex Black recently for noticeable improvements on my side.

I live in Brazil but can speak english well enough. I have a mic, TS3 and Mumble. My timezone is BRT (UTC-3, currently not in DST). I’m usually available most weekdays after 7pm BRT and weekends most of the day. Due to this, I’m probably better off with US East or EU West teams. Or, who knows, a Brazilian team :smile:

My Steam ID is StrikerX3.


Do you stream on Twitch?


I do most of the time.


Kraken is the easiest one and also the best. I would prefer beast with Goliath, maybe Behemoth or even Wraith but not Kraken. This is Kraken meta, not something special. Could you show us your skill with all monsters, please? :slight_smile:


Sure. I’ve been practicing Wraith and Goliath for a bit. Can’t do that right now because I’m at work.


I’m also! :blush:

I will be home in +/- 7 hours. And already added you on steam.


Cool. I’ll be home in about 10 hours though :frowning:


Hey guys

We’ve set up a Steam group for this very reason, we want to help you guys find people to play with (or against).

Hope to see you in there