PC Modding Support


@SlabOMeat, @MacMan, @DamJess

What is the status of PC modding support? This question was asked 6 and 12 months ago and got a “no comment” both times. Do you have a comment on it now? Please let me/us know.


They said recentlyish that there’s still the problem with the legal stuff for the engine but that if possible they would support modding


I haven’t seen that. I’d just like an honest up or down answer. If 2K really doesn’t want mods then that’s the way it is. I’d just like to know.

I have experience making maps and enjoy the process sometimes more than a game itself. This is important to me.


There’s a few Dev answers here


Thanks for the link. I had not seen that before. Disappointing. I was looking for something to keep me interested. :confused: