[PC] Medic LF (aspiring) ESL team


Hey there,

I’m a medic main looking for a team that is currently ( or in the future ) playing in the ESL. I primarily play Caira but can be coerced into playing the other medics if necessary. About me:

  • Competitive mind
  • Knowledgable about the game mechanics and wildlife system
  • Able to comunicate (including microphone) and accept cristicism
  • Currently 136+ hours ingame
  • Able to play several times weekly, primarily between 4pm and 10pm GMT, also during weekends
  • Located in Europe

Add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Capsup





We’ve set up a Steam group for this very reason, we want to help you guys find people to play with (or against).

Hope to see you in there


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Hey, we’re looking for a medic and Assault I’ll drop a request :slight_smile:


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