[PC Mainly] What'd ya get from steam sales?


Thought it might be an interesting insight into everybody’s taste of games :innocent:

So, with the last wave of steam frontpage sales happening as we speak, a question comes to mind: What did you bought from them?

I personally went for Invisible, Inc. (Pretty cool turn-based stealth game, currently on early acces), The entire Don’t Starve pack and still planning on getting at the very least Guns of Icarus and my copy of CS:GO (Yeah, I have no idea why I’m yet to buy that either).



Didn’t buy much this time around, between Dragon age and Evolve Hype I don’t feel the drive to get anything else right now, did buy Fable again cause I’m a sucker for Nolstalgia (And having it on the computer will keep me from having to buy it again in another 2-3 years)


I only bought MGS Ground Zeroes and I’m extremely happy with that. I have already bought or pre-ordered all the available games I need, so this time Game won’t destroy my wallet =)


Should have waited till it was even less, but I picked up the latest Stronghold Crusaders 2. Haven’t played enough to know what I think. Such potential, but since the first couple it just has been one disappointment after another.

We’ll see.


I bought CS:GO to see what they hype was about, still not sure yet.

Bought X-com enemy unkown enjoying that a lot

I also bought Unreal Tournament GOTY, so many old memories from that and then I remembered how much I hate the map Galleon.

My friend bought me Contagion, TBF its not that bad, their is a lot of collision issues but if I was to play a Zombie game I would opt for L4D 1 or L4D2 with L4D1 DLC Never felt as attatched to L4D2 as I did the first one


Nothing cuz I’m broke ;D


I bought Lethal League … The game is extremely fun to play in group! I had to officially buy it.


If you’re enjoying XCOM, I’d suggest picking up its Enemy Within expansion as well. The Meld mechanic adds a surprising amount to the gameplay - both in the sense of giving you a direction to go during missions (and a sense of urgency in what can sometimes be a slow overwatch-fest), and in what you can DO with it once you have it. I enjoyed it anyway :smile:

As for Unreal Tournament… 2004 was my favorite UT, hands-down. Didn’t like what they did with UT3. I played So. Much. Onslaught… especially on servers with custom vehicles and maps.


I really enjoyed Lethal League for a while. Kind of fell off for me after a bit, though. Maybe I’m just not good enough at it to maintain an appreciation, or something. Will definitely revisit it in the future with friends, though. For sure. Good time-killer. xD


Update: Just got Defense Grid 2, was 50% off. Liked the 1st one a lot, just was waiting for 50+ % off and finally got it.


Listen to this man! EW is so much more fun, especially after you realise that all of that new BS equipment your troops use can be actually made irl.

Not kidding.


Didn’t buy a thing. Although a friend of mine gifted me The Walking Dead, both seasons. This will keep me going until 2/10/15.
There is no game on the market right now that could compete with Evolve in my eyes.


Nothing! Despite the myriad of great sales Steam had, I had already had (is that bad grammar?) all the games I wanted in my Library.

It’s been (too) long since a good game came out, IMO. Especially co-op games. There’s a national shortage of quality co-op games that have staying power. The last games (and their respective scores out of 10) that I bought were:

Far Cry 4 (4.0/10)
Child of Light (8.5/10)
Styx: Master of Shadows (7.2/10)
Alien: Isolation (8.4/10)
Legend of Grimrock 2 (6.3/10)
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (8.3/10)


Fun fact: It’s corrrect. I checked.

And to compete with that ‘Why are people so depress these days?’ is also correct.

I sometimes have no faith in any language whatsoever.


This year I learned just how enticing the steam sales are. I got FTL, Chivalry, Skyrim, and Dark Souls 2. That will more than keep me busy until evolve :stuck_out_tongue:


I look at it, Just wanted to buy the base game to see how i got on with that, I find my self getting very attached to my soldiers, Poor David Walker, been with me since the beginning and then he just dissapeared : / dont even know what happened to him, he got injured on a mission, went to med for like 9 days then never reappeared : (


I got
Five Nights at Freddy’s
Five Nights at freddy’s 2
Planetary Annihilation
Not many games I want to get these days.


I bought the following:

Castle Crashers (add me if you want to join up on this any time)
System Shock 2
Fallout: New Vegas
South Park: The Stick of Truth
and the Penumbra pack (Overture, Requiem, and Black Plague)

Also have Doom BFG Edition in my wishlist, might buy that before the sale is done.


That was basically my buying strategy too. What can game can I play while I wait for the game I want to play. :smile:


The only one I got was Transistor, and that was a gift to my friend for Christmas. I found all the games on the list a waste of my time, TBH. At least, the ones that I didn’t already have. This years Steam Sales paled in comparison to last year. I bought way too many games last year :frowning: