PC Loss of Hunting Season Pass


While playing earlier today, I quite randomly lost all my Magma skins as well as Savage Goliath, figuring that it was just a bug I restarted and tried again but they are still gone. The store also no longer shows that I have the pass but checking steam DLC says that I do and that it is installed.


Had something similar happen to me with the Bog skins. I rebooted my machine and everything was there again though. Steam updated today and caused me a few connection problems, so maybe that’s what caused the hiccup?


I’ll try that, thanks for the personal response, I appreciate that you guys are all interacting with the community <3


I lost the season pass and all the skins but the Elite one…
Also on the 2K store every item is noted as “purchased” but I only bought some monster skins…
Reboot didn’t work…
Would you have any advice on that?


Rebooting didn’t work to fix it, nor did validating steam files or reinstalling. :’(