[PC] Looking to form a competitive team from RVA


If you are’t from Richmond VA that’s no big deal. Preferably it would be cool to build a team from the local area so when tournaments come up we can go easily! I prefer to play assault, but am open to playing just about anything. My steam is xurclav I am by no means a pro player… yet. (: My roommate seems interested and he likes medic so we may only need 3-4 more players. If we can some how manage to gather up enough people in RVA it, my apartment complex has an awesome room where we could set up, practice and play. If you are in RVA this is a great opportunity to take this game to the next level as it evolves… (: no pun intended lol. And if it doesn’t take off like I hope it does in the professional gaming world, then hey at least we have a new found group of friends.


Hey I’m on mobile right now so I can’t add you but I’m not from the same city but would like to find others like you and your roommate to play competitively with. I play Trapper.

My username is ActivePotato


Whats up! Im for South Carolina not to terribly far but, I main support (Hank) currently #238 and moving up quick. looking to get a solid team put together feel free to hit me up on steam to talk about it! http://steamcommunity.com/id/Astronaut4life/ by the way you make me want to move to RVA :frowning: