PC Looking for Hunters


Would love to find a few players to play consistently with who have microphones. My two prefered roles are medic and support. I’m not really comfortable with Trapper, but can do Assault. Basically don’t want to wind up being the monster.

Steam ID is droopy402.


TAW.net is recruiting PC Evolve players if you’re interested Droopy. We have our own teamspeak which is a great place to find people to play with consistently, and by now a fairly large number of people who are actively playing Evolve as part of our clan groups even outside of the meeting times.

The one thing you did not mention is whether you live in NA / EU or Australia ish time zones? TAW splits our groups for those time zones so our pre-scheduled meetings take place at a logical time for members to attend. If you decide to sign up with TAW you would be joining our EV 1 if NA/SA, EV 2 if EU/AF, EV 3 if AS/AU.

Hope to see you soon!

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There is also a sticky at the top of the page. Let your friends know about it. Could be useful in looking for players to play with on evolve. ^.^