[PC] Looking for 4 good hunters to play against


Got some free time coming up shortly. I figured I’d give Evolve another try. I can play for about an hour (just like last night). This game never seems to pair me, a great monster player, up with good hunters. I wind up stomping all over hunters. Happened in both previous alphas.

I’m looking for a challenge. However, I am way behind on progression. To keep things fair the hunters must stick to tiers 1 and 2 and not have more than 1 star buffs. I will be playing as Goliath and have 1 star in everything but rock throw. Like I said, way behind.

If you are interested PM me, poke me on Steam (link in my profile), or reply here. You must have a full set of 4 people. I am not interested in getting stuck as a hunter.


Ready in 20 to 30 minutes. Just have to finish dinner. Bumping for lack of response.