PC List Help! (Computer is getting built. Thanks guys!)


For the last 6 years, I’ve been using my old Toshiba laptop to do my work. It’s extremely out of date and has been getting really slow ever since I finished ATAR exams (thank god it happened later than I expected). I have money to spend on a very good computer, not going to be specific. But for a first timer…

#Should I build it? Or should I get a pre-built?

I know that I can upgrade both, but what is better for me? I do have about 2 weeks but I never knew how to build it. Need some help. Pls.


Building a PC is incredibly easy, making sure that you’re getting the parts that can work together and an appropriate sized case to house it all is harder (but not hard!)

If you have doubts as to whether you’d screw it up, get it pre built, it doesn’t add a huge cost. But if you think you can follow youtube tutorials then you can save a bit of money for the same outcome.


Build it yourself if possible.
In Norway they will easily slap on an extra 1000 kr (116 dollar) for putting it together for you, so I’d assume it’s a simmular practice in USA.


Build it yourself. You can choose the hardware you need and you save money


Hmm… Wow. My whole family is telling me to build it and you are aswell. Good PC list? Excluding monitor, keyboard, mouse and headphones. A video/manual if possible aswell.

Maximum price: $2000 AUD ($1408 USD)

Go ahead and shoot me it!


@TheMountainThatRoars can help you there :bucket_cute:


Just some criteria:
Big and greasy, you get me?

I want something that lasts me until I graduate, maybe even further. I can upgrade, so far this is what I’m looking at:

I have a manual and everything. This gives me $300 to spend on keyboard (Black Widow booooooyyysssssss!).


Seems alright. I myself am not a true supporter of i7 (i5 is plenty powerful for gaming), and if you pick a high end i5 you might be able to up you gpu to a 980, since that seems to be the ‘biggest’ bottleneck in your current setup


Do you need an i7? What else are you going to do aside from gaming?


3D Designing, coding, programming, animation all the boring stuff of games you know?

Quad-Core is essential for me.


Cool, just checking. You have all the peripherals including a monitor and OS, yes?


Yep. Probably going to sell my old ones and upgrade into something fancy…

######That rainbow profile on the Chroma is Bae…


Just making sure they won’t eat into your budget.


Go ahead and shoot it whenever you have the chance!


Consider going for a video card that has more memory, or getting dual video cards. 4GB is fine right now but if you want to get something that lasts then I’d consider plumping for a configuration that gives you more video card memory.

Edit: And I’m no expert here, but is there any reason to go for less than gold certified power supply?


I would go for a bigger Power supply of 800W and prob Gold Certified just to have your mind at ease imho :wink:

Edit: niac beat me to it X-D


I can always upgrade when I have more money. For now this is the best I got.

The gold certified ones are very expensive and would put me over budget.


Also, you really don’t need to spend $300 on a keyboard, that shit’s foolish yo


Lol I’m obviously not going to spend that much on a keyboard, that’s the spare money which I’m gonna use for a keyboard.

But again, that Razor Chroma though…


Chroma is overrateeeeed.
nah, pick what you like. :stuck_out_tongue: