[PC] LFG, Oceanic (Aus/NZ/SEA) Timezone


Looking for an Australian/Oceanic/SEA group for casual play. I don’t mind how experienced the group is, but fair warning I’ve only been playing a couple of days. Add me on Steam using my handle “Keltsa”. I’m in the WST (Perth) timezone.


Keltsa - TAW’s currently recruiting mainly for NA & EU; however TAW often will have an Australia/Asia group as well, and we already have 1 Australian recruit planning to join us. If you’d be interested we can establish an OC (Asia/Aust) group and set you both up with it. You can check out TAW at www.taw.net and register. Or if you have any questions for me can ask me personally. I’ll be adding you to my Steam list for contacting.

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You know I should have gone to the www.TAW.net site and confirmed if you guys were setting up a division.

I used to be in TAW for DOTA2. I’ll log into TAW and request a reactivation of the account. I’m actually happy to sign up as a coordinator if that helps. Keen to get an inhouse schedule happening once we get a big enough player pool.


Sweet sounds good! I’m an American myself, but I spent 3 months as the CO for the TAW H&G OC Battalion. Will be nice to have our own OC unit in Evolve as well.


Hey mate, I checked out TAW but didn’t see a division for Evolve. I assume you guys are in the process of getting this setup and approved by “the management”?

I understand it might take a little while as TAW is a multi-game clan. Keen to hear back once it is setup, I always enjoyed my time in TAW and I’m hopeful I can follow through on this game as well.


We’re actually already started. Not sure how much you remember about TAW but our ‘new game divisions’ start up in Vanguard. Until they hit “tier 2” (ie 20 new recruits from the game community itself) they don’t get listed on the game list page and instead are sub-grouped under simply “Vanguard”. Check out the Vanguard roster and you’ll see the Evolve section in there.


It is all good. Andrewki added me into the division. I’m expecting it might take a couple of weeks to get a player pool. If I come across anyone interested in a clan I’ll send them to the www.taw.net wesbite.


Feel free to add me to your steam list.
I am also fairly new casual player from Australia looking for people to hunt with.
Steam name: toastiez1