PC Leaderboards (Error when loading, Unreported New Issue: last 24 hours)


So heard from a few others that leaderboards weren’t loading for them over the last couple of hours, logged in, checked myself, had the same issue. Did some experimenting/research, turns out that its only happening whenever the #1 slot for a leaderboard would be in the default listing view on load. Another interesting detail: Every leaderboards “original” #1 slotted player before this started happening is now slotted as #2. Server bug? Possibly hacked? Hopefully Devs will see this thread if they aren’t already aware of the problem and figure out whats going on/fix it. (Even if leaderboards are pointless in their current state.)

For anyone trying to check their ranking if they are supposed to be in Top 15 in a category: [Show Filters>Friends (Global)] you’ll bypass the error and see your current ranking.