[PC] It's that time of the day/afternoon/evening again


Alright me and my buddy @ZeroClarity are looking for some people to buddy up with. If you’re interested we’re happy to have you, unless you’re butts :c
I prefer to play Assault, I can play a relatively good trapper.
Zero likes to alternate between Support and Medic. We can work with anything, super flexible!

Hit me up if you’re interested, steam tag is
Hyde is my Husbando


Aww you guys should have been on earlier, I always leave at the most inopportune times ;w;


Quirkly ;w; Wai you do dis


Awwww…And I’m busy now too…@Shin Go play with Toilet and Zero. :stuck_out_tongue:


Because you guys nuked my Bob :cry:


I’ll put like 2 rounds in. ^.-


Eh… I give up for now. Too depressed…


Why’s that?


I can’t shake it, it’s been lingering for a couple weeks, no clue as to why.


Well, I hope you do.



Hey if you and your buddy are looking for some people to play with you can come and join taw. We are a gaming community full of fun guys in both casual and competitive. You can add me at https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042007988/. If this sounds interesting to you you can join us at taw.net


We’ll have a talk and look into it! Thanks!


I’m playing on and off. Usually playing solo or with a friend … or with @Quirkly! :P.

ID is RCSRex.


Yep all who have read this artilce who are looking for a group pls come and check out taw and add me at https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042007988/