[PC]Is this a bug for Kala? (Not a bug, confirmed)


Kala can put a teleport pads on the hunter who was knock down on the ground.After the teleport completed,the injured hunter can be transfered to another place right away.Is this a bug or a kind of strategy?


Nope, that’s definitely intended. It’s a pretty useful tactic, fire away :smiley_cat:


You’re shitting me. Really? Holly fuck! I’m gonna try this after I get home!


Partner with laz./ Win games


But if you have time to let the teleporter activate, you have time to get the revive anyways? Might be good with Emet, if a buoy is kept by the other teleport pad.


yep, a lot of people do exactly that, thats why lots of people say Kala is a very diverse and fun suppor to play.

Downside is that she is an offensive support so no shielding. Also if she is the one focused, then that is a different story.


I do this all the time. C:


This is not a bug. This is an actual strategy and gameplay mechanic used by Kala players to revive allies easier. There’s even a Kala “tool-tip” in game that talks about it.

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Ok so you teleport the downed body far away and the monster destroys the teleporter, now there is no way to pick that person up.

Not sure how you/anybody figure(s) a teleporter would survive where a player reviving would not?

You would need to:
-go to downed body
-Place teleporter
-wait a few seconds for it to activate (longer then a revive would take I think)
-Go through teleporter yourself to get the revive

all the while all the monster has to do is place any form of damage to that area and the teleporter is destroyed before it activates, or worse yet after the body goes through but before anyone else does.

I would have to see it in action to see it as any form of benefit, seems easier to just revive the downed player directly.


Also works on dead hunters, not just incapped