[PC]Is this a bug for Jack?


I place Survey Satellite next to the monster ,but it could not shows where is it?(I’m pretty sure it inside the range)

Is that a bug?

(the monster next to the upper green ring)


The monster can dodge the satellite :slight_smile:


This isn’t a bug, the Monster can dodge the satellite and avoid being detected altogether.

Since this is not a bug and more of a question I shall now call upon the mods/leaders to close the thread :thumbsup:

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It seems the monster was just out of range of the survey satellite so it looks like this isn’t a bug. I’ll close this thread as there isn’t a bug to report. :wink:

If you get more evidence that there is actually a bug like this then feel free to PM me and I’ll open this back up.



Coming back here just to clarify and save confusion on how the satellite works.

The detection capabilities of the satellite can not be “dodged” as they have both suggested that it can be.

As the lasers spiral out, the satellite “pings” periodically as they expand out. Eliting Jacks satellite actually increases the frequency at which these pings occur. Each ping updates the hunters UI with the “newest” information- Be it foot prints, corpses, or the monster itself.

Its very, VERY possible to dodge the lasers, and get pinged once “inside” the perimeter of the satellite lasers- With your position being updated each time the satellite does a new “ping” (and only when it pings again, otherwise it stops. The power of eliting jacks satellite is that it more frequently updates the monsters location inside a dome, handy if theyre hiding behind a wall out of LoS and youre trying to decide which way the assault/support should flush from)

Detailed explanation courtesy of @Sidewaysgts. :slight_smile:

Still, if the op gets a video or any other proof of a bug like one described in this thread, then they can PM either myself or another leader/mod to request the thread to be reopened.