[PC] Is there any real way that you can deal with Griefers/trolls?


I wish it were as simple as leaving the lobby and just connecting with another lobby but with the game being as deserted as it is right now on PC, you’re pretty much stuck with playing with them.

I’ve been in games with this one person who’s just rude to everyone, constantly harassing other players about how “noob” they are constantly griefs by 1. trapping people in domes =-=, 2. Not healing as a medic and telling how noob people are that they keep dying, 3. Doing who knows what (nothing that’s the word) as support and 4. plays in the most annoying way possible when a monster, Hydes away for 20 minutes until the timer runs our. LIKE WHAT THE HELL DUDE!? How does one even find the time of day to waste their lives trolling like this.

Question is, is there any real way to deal with them? Can TRS/2K take action for rampant offenses and/or does steam even care?


imagine how much worse this would be after TU9 if everyone has the dome.


Not sure why Steam is to blame, they just host the games and distribute them for the most part. The only real option is vote kicking but TRS has alreadys stated they’re not too sold on that idea due to possibilities of abusing it.

I guess taking screenshots/video and reporting it to 2K or something is the best way to deal with griefers.


I’m not blaming steam, I’m simply asking if steam has any system to handle such behavior.


vote to kick better never be added anyone playing left 4 dead would kick you for no reason


As someone who played A LOT, kick voting is a terrible idea unless the game knows why said person is getting kicked.


I think it’s something we’re just going to have to take on as things come up. We have stuff set in place, but it’ll be on us post TU09 to make sure we can react to these sorts of things if they become wide spread problems.


This guy is a real prick played with him a few times, really hoping that the new doming system has a way to prevent such a behavior.

Maybe have to fall if there isn’t a monster in it after a few set amount of seconds.


My suggestion: If someone mutes an other one ingame, the muted person gets a message that he now have to rely on pings. He gets no message if he gets unmuted. To prevent spamming this message, the spamming person looses the ability to mute.

Other kind of troling can only be solved with a vid. Sadly there is no replay-option.