PC In-Game Store Down?


Since Elder Kraken came out, I haven’t been able to access the store (on PC). It only reads “The store is currently unavailable.” So is this already known? It’s it just me?


It’s not just you.


I moved it to the bug section.


Yep… Seems like it’s a server wide thing on the PC.

Anyone from console able to check if it’s happening on their side? @skills4u2envy Yeah/no? :stuck_out_tongue:


Also tagging @LadieAuPair for notification


I’m not at home to check console


Alrighty then :B


Ok. Good to know it’s not just me.


It’s working fine on Xbox One :stuck_out_tongue:


And PS4 from what I’ve heard, so it’s just us, that narrows it down a bit :stuck_out_tongue:


@Lady_Stoneheart you’re from Europe right? It seems to be only affecting Europe after asking some friends from the US to check…


No, I’m Canadian. So I assume it’s all PC.


…Huh… So it’s not just Europe… ECH.


Acknowledging this thread, looking into it.


Any update on this? The in-game store for me is still down. :confused: Thanks @LadieAuPair !!! :smiley:


We got some info on our side and now we’re working with my2k to solve it. I don’t have much info other than that, but we’re working on it.


Cool! It’s enough for me to know that it’s being addressed. Thanks so much :smile: