[PC]I was playing as a trooper in hunt mode


My prefered roles were Medic-Assault-Support-Trapper-Monster. I joined a game on Aviary, where I was dead and was spectating Cabot, shooting at lvl 3 Wraith which was smashing our relay.

Then the dropship timer ran out and I spawned on a ship. I wasn’t a medic, I was some kind of trooper with Parnell’s shotgun, Hyde’s minigun and personal shield. I was too surprised to take a screenshot, but I guess you’ll believe me. In our team, besides Cabot and me were Griffin and Markov


That’s a bug.Sometime for some reason you go in the dropship and be a Ebonstar character from the Evacuation mode.Its a bug but at least its a funny one :slight_smile:

TRS already knows.