(PC) Hunter looking for competitive team


Looking for a group to play with and try and get some competitive gaming done.
I’ve mainly been playing Trapper and Support but I can play M&A just as well.
My monster play is ok but not spent a lot of time on it so has room to improve.

Currently sitting @1400ish on the global rankings. All trappers at Elite all but Cabot (and Sunny) on the supports and the rest are all W.i.P. (None boosted via bot games).

I’m 29 (2 weeks till I hit 30!) with a good background in comp/hardcore gaming (Various AvP clans, CoD4 ED Clan (PAM4 ladder (SkA)), Was in top end Raid guilds during the Vanilla/BC WoW) so I am more than willing to put in the hours for group practice and what not, and happy to use comms.

Work part time so I am able to get games down pretty much everyday from 1500 (GMT) onwards.
Really need to get back into proper gaming casuals are doing my head in xD

So yeah, any questions feel free to ask.
Leave a message after the beep and I’ll get back to you :slight_smile:


Hit me up on steam sometime, Whiterain1000.


Hey if your looking for a team you can look to join TAW. We are trying to get a team going for the next esl and need a support so if this sounds good come join at taw.net

add me in steam at http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042007988


All of you can try out for Nova, a clan that focuses on competitive, fun and friendly gameplay. If you’re interested or want more information you can refer to my previous post or PM me!


Hey man I am looking for hunters to play with as well assault main right here. Steam tag is LooseLiquid if interested.