【PC】How to jump without jetpack


Could you tell me how to jump without jetpack【PC】?


Tap spacebar.


It will use jetpack automatic :frowning:


Tap faster. If it’s just a tap, no fuel gets used. Could be that your key is sticking, or if you’re using a gaming keyboard there might be some settings that are tweakable in the config software.


Just tap it (don’t hold), and then wait till you hit the ground again to tap (again don’t hold) it to jump again.


If you press and hold the space bar the get pack trigger. If you press it once it should trigger the jump.

If you’re unsure it’s working make a solo game and chose jump boost perk. You should notice that you are jumping high.

Now if that doesn’t work, what keyboard do you have? There could be mechanical/software settings that could be limiting the jump. Unless the general problem is that your keyboard doesn’t support singe presses, but make sure the whole bar goes down when you press it. Might not be registering the press.


When you tap space bar as a hunter you make a short jump, if you release the spacebar before the jump reaches maximum height then you will use no jetpack. If you are holding down the spacebar when you reach max jump height you start burning jetpack fuel. This is most obvious when using the jump height perk.