[PC] Graphics artifacts (352.68 nvidia driver issue)

Hi there!

Was just asking if we were a lot experiencing this kind of glitch that appeared for me since I’ve updated my graphical driver nvidia 352.68.

Here is what it looks like

Some times it’s blue, sometimes red, and sometimes yellow. It’s poping every 0,1 sec, flashing, like paparazzi flashes you see.

I don’t have this kind of artifacts in any other game (GTA5, BF4…), and my GPU GTX 970 has been bought some month ago. Temperatures are fine, everything okay.

Someone ? @ArPharazon

EDIT : Here is my rig

Windows 8.1 64b
Asus GTX 970
i5 2500K o/c @4,5ghz
2x4GB DDR3

In game GPU USAGE 100%
In game CPU USAGE 50%~

EDIT2 : Happened when I just applied a new resolution in game

EDIT 3 : 352.68 drivers issue confirmed, they are working on it. Rolling back to the GTA 5 drivers (350.12) is the actual solution.


Nvidia latest drivers. Same issue.

At least I think it is Nvidia latest drivers.

Oh! I did not think about that.

I’m using 352.86 actualy.

Got some crazy artifacting on my 970 before I got the current latest GeForce Game Ready drivers. It happened when all the hunters and the monster finished selecting their chraracters before the match and displayed all the characters (with the monster and everything), then all the characters went green-ish with a bunch of pixels here and there.

Yeah same. It happens sometimes randomly while playing too, it’s rare but it happens.

I’ve an Geforce Experience update you are right, so I’ll see ! thx

alt tabbing has fixed it for me when it happens

I don’t know what it is personally, but I’m sure our QA department will investigate.

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It does not work for me :frowning: But it stops after some seconds, sometimes I have to restart the game.


Thank you !

Its the Witcher 3 Nvidia drivers that’ll do that, just rollback your drivers to 350.12 (GTA Drivers) and everything should be fine?!?

I’ve been getting this same problem too, more than half a dozen times now in the last week, including once today.

The strangest thing is that it doesn’t happen every match - if it’s going to happen then the effects begin when the match starts and last the whole match, but there’s no pattern I can figure out to which matches it happens in, so I can’t predict if I’m going to be able play normally beforehand.

Sometimes the bizarre flashing effects are only in the sky, and sometimes they cover the whole screen like the screenshot in the opening post. I’ve seen it take the form of purple lights, but also blue and yellow.

For reference, I use a GTX 970 too, if that’s relevant, and I’ve also checked my temperatures are fine, and haven’t seen any problems with other games either.


Too bad because I play TW3 too ! I need this driver


Yep that’s it. If you do not play The Witcher 3, as Spanners says, try to rollback to the 350.12 drivers.

I’m getting it too. I’m running a new build of Windows 10 Tech Preview so I thought it was that… might still be that honestly… Didn’t happen at first though. It took a couple games to show up and the amount of artifacting ranges between slightly distracting and completely unplayable (particles and textures flashing bright red/blue/green/yellow 10 times per second).

I never had any issues using Windows 10 Tech Preview before the update yesterday, but I also got a new Windows build (10022 I believe, 10025 is still technically a leaked build so I’m hesitant to jump to it… should probably just suck it up and reinstall 8.1… :crying_cat_face: )

If you’d like I can make a couple videos of the bug?


(can’t get a dxdiag atm, but specs are)
GTX 780
i5 3570k
Gigabyte Motherboard
WD Black HDD

I’m on 352.84 (win 10 version (i know i know i’m dumb and can’t complain that the game doesn’t run on an unsupported OS version)) and getting the same problems. Wasn’t having them prior to the new Evolve patch on the same driver version or on the older beta driver.

I’m actually getting full system crashes occasionally too which sucks.

Had this happen yesterday for the first time.

Was playing on fullscreen -> friend dropped in the steam broadcast streaming thingy -> game minimizes the moment he joined the stream -> as I tabbed back into the game it’s on a full blown lsd trip until I restarted.

GTX 960 with 350.12 drivers

same issue
alt tabbing usually fixes it

After alt-tabbing out of fullscreen. Couldn’t get rid of it with alt-tabbing back and forth again. So the same as the first time when the steam overlay threw me to the desktop.

GIGABYTE GTX 670 here. Just installed the latest drivers, happening ever since. 0,5 sec violet flashes. Need a medic to help me get rid of the seizure.

Thank you! I have seen this before and I appreciate the screenshots and detailed info. This will really help a lot! :smile:

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Does this happen on a specific map or all?