PC - Global Averages extremely low

Not sure if there was some reset or something, but when seeing the performance at the end of the matches the last 2 night, the global averages for every single thing is so low. See the attached picture.

That way every round. Last round I played with Bucket. Global average for sentry guns was 134. I did 15405.

Sure something is off somewhere?


It is bugged somehow or the cheaters somehow destroyed the average system (1 with 10000000000 damage and most with 1000-7000damage)

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Yeah, my guess is that by hacking the leaderboards people have lowered the global average by a tremendous amount. Previously we had a healthy average, but if you then have a couple of guys cranking out “wins” without doing anything (damage, healing, scouting, etc) the averages drop like a brick.

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this is why we can’t have nice things. i mean for fark’s sake - what sort of cretin do you have to be to poison the well like this? for every beautiful, rare flower there’s 1000 little c**ts ready to take a massive dump on it.

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It’s the fact that the cheaters brought that many wins. The game system recorded ‘games’ where they did no damage at all - resulting in screwed up shit like that.

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It is amazing how (some) people are oriented at just spoiling good things other achieve, putting in it a lot of hard work.
I hope Turtle Rock will find ones responsible for this hack and blocks their accounts or perhaps even looks for legal actions against them. So irritating and so stupid !

[edit:] …and could you (TR), please, delete these fake games from the ranking !

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I assumed it was probably due to someone hacking the leaderboards with fake info, causing the averages to dip. But thought I’d at least ask first.

Can’t see how people take joy in destroying games by cheating. Losers.

And now we don’t know how we perform comparing to other players because of the cheaters

Yeah. We play private lobbies so we aren’t on the leaderboards anyway. But it’s still nice at the end of a round to see how you did compared to the average. But when you can beat the average by barely showing up, it doesn’t feel as good lol

Things like this makes me upset that these leaderboards are the reason I can’t play as monster against my friend in a party during matchmaking.

The cheaters have messed up the global averages. They’ve added so many games to the counter doing 0 damage, etc that the real games are being over-divided.

That was my first topic, back in november…
No devs took the time to respond anything about it, and the responses I got were like “Dude, there are no cheaters”.
I was comparing the potential situation to the left 4 dead situation.
Anyway look where we are now. Cheaters; everywhere.
And nobody gives a shit until it’s too late.
Things were supposed to be prepared for this kind of stuff. I even saw Slabomeat respond on a thread that he was disappointed by the fact hax happened. Like what? Was that a surprise?
Now everybody is crying and they should be; but nothing had been done to counter this, so…

Blimey, I did wonder why the averages were so low last night…

Like a lot of you guys, I still fail to get my head round why people get any pleasure from doing such things?

Hopefully TRS can deal with this pretty sharpish, yet another thing on their list of things to do :expressionless:

Am starting to feel sorry for them tbh…!

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Im bumping this as its still going on after the new patch which supposedly fixed some of the cheating going on.

Any update from TRS? The averages are completely useless as they are.

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Hope this gets rectified, I have not seem it mentioned any where. I would even be ok with a ladder reset. But if possible to simply remove the shitty cheaters from the board that would be great.