PC Gamers Utilizing Controllers and the Lack of Push to Talk

I understand that we may be the minority; however, the lack of key binding support for controllers for PC players is a major problem to this group. We have no feasible way to use Push to Talk to communicate with your team. The sad part is that, for the hunters, the axis sticks button press isn’t mapped to anything. It would be incredibly simple to bind the G key to either of them.

For the record, I use an XBox 360 controller via USB. I am currently forced to take my hand off the controller and press a headset mounted button to open the Push to Talk line to communicate.

It’s an easy fix that would improve the quality of life for a decent chunk of PC Gamers, so do something about it, please.


play ps4 dude


Please add a separate matchmaking system for PC players that use controllers as Hunter. I don’t want these lesser players joining my Hunter team and handicapping us.

Thank you.


Why would I want to purchase a PS4 when I own a $2000 gaming laptop just to be confined to 30 FPS and lose all mobility? Generate an intelligent response to this one, for me.

I can’t use a keyboard and mouse due to a physical handicap. Should TRS round up all the gimps and cripples and throw them in separate queue so that you don’t have to play with them? Low life.


Yes they should. He was obviously being sarcastic, and there is no reason to get butt hurt over it.


Yea, I’d love this. Just make Select double as mini-map and push-to-talk. Or L3 for push-to-talk.

I’m not sure you know what sarcastic means.

Damn, and I thought I was progressive.

You can use a controller, and not a keyboard and mouse? But you’re typing on a forum?

Too many Mountain Dews and Doritos isn’t a handicap.


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Bind push to talk to your privilege and use that.

EDIT: /troll. Couldnt help myself. Couldnt leave it standing either.

Are there any left over buttons on the controller? You could use a controller remap program to rebind keys? Ive done it on my mac for other games, maybe worth looking into?

The repetitive motions of gaming on a laptop are way rougher on me than a controller. Not sure why I’m on trial for being handicapped…

There are, but they cost money. Push to Talk keybinding on either L3 or R3 which aren’t used as Hunter isn’t too much to ask for.

Why spend $2000 dollars on a gaming laptop? Not get a proper rig?

Not trying to sound sarcastic, just genuinely interested, must travel or something?

Yes, I traveled quite a bit back when I bought it.

I would rather like this being patched in, especially for console since we have no way to push talk in the first place.

What’s the point? 10k pc players vs a “supposed” 75k on consoles.

Not sure I get what you’re asking.

I think he’s doom and glooming, saying the PC version is doomed to fail… etc. He likes to do that.

It would be stupid to not think it isn’t.

27k dropping down to 10k. IN ONE WEEK.

You’re not dude, but you’ve been condescending and aggressive so people are responding the same way. Lighten up. It’s a good idea.