PC Gamers: Name your first PC Game

the first game on pc I ever played was on a windows 95 desktop playing Mech Warrior 2.
Makes me miss the good old days when I was a pc main :wink:

how about ya’ll? what was your first PC experience

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Mine was Arcanists. >.> So MUCH FUN.

Minecraft, just, don’t ask.


what year was that game?

Oh, I don’t even remember. I played it only a few times but it was sooooooooo fun.

I kind of want to play it now…but I don’t think anyone else does, so impossible. :confused:

yeah this uploaded video i put up of mech warrior brings back good memories. you and I would have been around age 3-4 when I played this lol :stuck_out_tongue:

How does he know how old I am?! :scream:

I believe mine was EverQuest.

we discussed this :stuck_out_tongue:

…Oh yeah. I forgot about that. :stuck_out_tongue:

here is what my old desktop looked like ^.^

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My first pc game?
C&C Tiberian Sun. My grandpa gave it to me and would play it with me all the time. He even taught me how to mod it. I still boot it up every now and then.


My first PC is the one I’m using right now. ^.^

Dude I used to play that back in the day…good game. I had the special edition one that came with a soundtrack CD and stuff.

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lol it might have only had a couple gigs for storage… megabytes were all the rage at the time :smirk:

picture of yours? (one like it) ^.^

…Stop laughing!

Well this is awkward!
You mean I can play PC games on this??

Different models, mate. ^.^

I remember playing a whole bunch of strange games… Mostly flash games on miniclip but I also played this buzz light year game on an old XP computer. I remember also playing a bit of the early Warcraft games as well.