PC Gamer Interview with Pushing Daisys PAX East PRO-AM Winners


Hey everyone. PCGamer did an interview with a few of us on the second day of Pax East after we won the ESL Pro-AM tournament. It looks like this video finally surfaced just a couple days ago.

You can see my horrible hair after the pony tail cut, but before I actually had time to fix it :stuck_out_tongue: Good times to be had. @PeirsPryce and @BlackAegis are also in this interview along with me.


Seems you got a lot of videos Maddcow. ^.^


I didnt look near as bad as I thought I would… thats a plus! :blush:


This was cool, always fun to see people in the community spotlighted like this. Great job guys, looking good!


All of you looked fine. ^.^
It’s nice to have a face behind the people we talk to as well. :smile:


@MaddCow I am impressed! Your disguise is stunning- almost impossible to tell you’re a cow! :stuck_out_tongue:


That is just my man servant in the meat space.