[PC]Game keeps crashing! Help needed


I will try to keep this short. i bought PC Monster Race edition on Steam
on release date. i played a few rounds in the solo mode with no
problem, but when ever i tried to play a multilayer game the game would
freeze in the looking for player lobby. i have reinstalled the game, but
now i have a set of new problems. whenever i hit the start button in
the intro cinematic the game will freeze and steam will crash without
any errors. here are my PC specs GTX 770 I5 4670k 8Gb of Ram The game is
running at 1080P on ultra, and all drivers are up to date. any and all
help is appreciated


I started the game up this morning, and Looks like i can
skip the intro and sign in now, and i can play solo mode, but when i try
to look for a multilayer game. The game will lag and it will close
along with steam without getting any errors.