PC game half freeze?


I just wanted to ask if i am the only one,who gets random freezes in Evolve? i played some rounds evacuation and the game freezes multiple time.But it´s not a normal Freeze…its more like you can still run around on the map,the timer and so on is also ticking if you press ESC but all Monsters,Hunters,they stay at one location or just running around on this location.It looks that something is wrong with the connection or so?

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Yes! I’m constantly having this issue but only in Evacuation. Can’t figure out what the heck keeps causing it. Glad I’m at least not the only one. It’s driving me nuts.


I have this problem as well. I’ve found that hosting custom games seems to prevent it, so I’m guessing it’s some sort of connection issue. It has happened to me in normal Hunt games as well, though for some reason I never had it occur during Alpha even.


Yeah, I also don’t have a problem in skirmishes, it seems to just effect Evac.


I’m also having this issue. For me it happens during skirmishes, but it only happens as a hunter I’ve never had it happen when playing as a monster. Also I can still talk to everybody using the voice chat and they can still hear me talk and visa versa.
I haven’t been able to finish a single skirmish as a hunter so far.


Yep,i had it yesterday again with a group of friends.I still can run talk to them but yeah the game freezes.Charakter are running on a spot dont know what it causes.I also had it with the monster.


Happens to me regularly… Averages out maybe 1 in every 3 games. Doesn’t matter what type of game it is… Sometimes the game can recover after 10 seconds or so but more often than not it can’t recover and I have to use task manager. Freezing seems completely random. It can happen when I am standing still with nothing happening or in the middle of a fight. It’s not preceded with frame rate stutter just happens completely out of the blue. I’ve experimented with a load of options in-game but doesn’t seem to affect it. Very Irritating as my machine is very stable and has never had a problem with any other game. Hope it is fixed soon :-/


Happens to me almost every game. Friend says its processor but I doubt that.


I have the exact same problem. I will be playing with no issues, 3 bar connection in the pause menu, and then the game will suddenly freeze in place. I have no clue what causes this, and I just got a new PNY Geforce GTX 750 3 days ago :frowning:

System Specs:
GeForce GTX 750
Intel Core i7 CPU, 930 at 2.80GHz
5.00 GB RAM
Windows 7

This is the only game I have ever seen this problem in, I hope it gets fixed soon