PC Game - Bugs (Evolve still in beta?)


Hey guys,

I am unwilling to read al forum topics regarding bugs. I am just going to post them, if anyone can point out what actions are being taken (dev post about them or patch notes?) that would be great because at the moment the game seems still in beta to me.
I love the game but the bugs make it unplayable.

  1. Mouse cursor in screen, I am sure most of you have reported it, game is very much affected by alt tabbing.
  2. Matchmaking is bugged. If you join as a party on PC sometimes (20% of the time) party gets disbanded and you will all join a different game. Class preference does not seem to work well, you sometimes get stuck with your least played class/monster although someone in party has it as a preference.
  3. Chat does not work, if you type a punctuation mark (example: “?”) steam overlay will open and will type it in a random chat window. Sometimes chat just completely disappears.
  4. If you use ingame voice chat (G), it sometimes switches to voice activation instead of button activation. It happens quite a lot during or at the beginning of loading screens.
  5. Unstable connections. I get very laggy as monster and or d/c.
  6. Random environment stuck. My friends were falling through the map. Monster stuck in mountain. Etc.

You got a great product. Please fix the bugs, take your customers seriously and make haste.


We have to wait weeks for Microsoft and Sony to ‘approve’ the patch before it can even get released for us on PC, its just of absurd but it seems to be the way they wanna do this.


They want to keep the community togheter, so it all makes sense. I believe that Steam has a much shorter certification time, but everyone has them. Can’t blame Sony and XBox for trying to keep their products working, or that their systems aren’t Steam.


Steam has no certification time and doesnt cost money to release an update. On both consoles you must pay to release an update, and also wait weeks for them to check it. There is no difference in the way the game is ‘stored’ on the internet or anything. Its purely the console makers being assholes, plain and simple. If you cant trust game devs to make software for your consoles, who the fuck can you ?


Xbox 360 and PS3 had a cost to release upgrades.This cost has been removed about a year ago I believe. I cannot find any reference to Xbox One and PS4 ever asking money for releasing patches. Do people just generally assume this or am I missing some article?

@LAggerCZE I don’t see any reason to wait for the console cert before the Steam version is updated. Especially with the amount of people complaining about (serious) bugs and the lack of any info regarding a patch (all we know is a “soon” posted somewhere in a huge thread. Not only is that no info at all, most people will never see it).
Console and PC communities are separated anyway, there is no keeping together of something that is not together in the first place.


Wasnt the cost removed for indie/arcade titles, not AAA+ titles ?


I, and the devs, disagree. No platform should have a different version of the game (platform-specific stuff excluded), because that gives people a reason to say “This game is better on PS4/XBONE/PC because updates”, as that is a serious difference.

Plus, imgine how outrageous would XBOX people be having to wait for an update while Steam will already have it done. And all the devs could say would be “Yeah, blame Microsoft, we gave them the patch the same day we did to Steam”

I’m sorry, but that would sound shady. You just have to wait for them.