[PC]Frozen game-Evovle is not friendly to AMD graphics cards


I have AMD graphics R295x2,I can not use the lastest driver but the only one which is version 15.12(release on 12/16/2015)

I try deffent system as win7/win8 or 32bit /64bit,nothing change

Is that means Evovle is not friendly to AMD because it support by Nvidia?


I have an AMD R9 390 and I’ve never had an issue. What’s the problem, exactly?


The game will frozen without any portent


I just want to clarify, are you using dual video cards? If you are, is there any easy way to check to see if the game runs correctly running on just one of the cards? Sorry, not an expert with Dual graphics, but it would be useful information.


it is not dual video cards,it carries two core


The R295x2 is a single card with two GPUs, this needs to be fixed driver/game-side.

I also been having poor performance with AMD, I used to have a better experience during Legacy.

I’m using the latest drivers though.


Same here, i can play battlefield 4 with medium settings, CS:GO with high settings, wargame:red dragon with medium settings easily, but evolve lags even on the lowest resolution + settings. ( this gives me quite a bad handicap … it’s much harder to find fast moving hunters if they are pixelated and the game lags ).
I have dual gfx, but i have used radeon’s utility to configure it to use the good gfx card + overclocked the GPU. Still lags.

I have read that NVidia deliberately makes games run slower on amd devices.