[PC] FPS drops, not using VRAM


I get average, playable framerates at the start of the game with them slowly decreasing over time. Occasionally, the game will hitch and drop me to 1-2 FPS, staying that way until I alt-f4 the game. This is not a RAM leak - I have task manager open on another monitor and I never see over 80% RAM usage or Evolve taking much more than 2GB. I’ve tested the game with GPU-Z running and my VRAM usage does not go higher than 2000MB (despite the GTX 680 being a 4GB card). It seems as though once it hits this 2GB point it refuses to load anything else and the game starts to hitch. This tends to happen after my first encounter with the hunters, at which point the game becomes quickly unplayable.

System specs:
Asus Maximus VI Xtreme
CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1240 v3 @ 3.4 GHz
GPU: Nvidia GTX 680 running drivers 347.52 (the version supposedly optimized for Evolve)
Game at 1920x1080, no vsync, no AA, every setting on low (I’ve also tried medium and high to see if it’s a problem with the low setting, no change)

I’ve opened a support ticket and the guy linked me to a few threads ((Workaround/Fix) Low Frame Rate Bug on high-end PC (GTX 980) and DEVICE_HUNG Error) but neither of these accurately describe my issue nor do they fix it. Evolve is also the ONLY application I’ve ran on my system that has this problem - Dying Light and even Crysis 3 (another CryEngine game) didn’t have this problem. EDIT: I should also point out that I didn’t have this problem in the Alpha or Beta tests, either. Anyone have any ideas?

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