(PC?) Exclusive Balance-Test-Servers


I know that at TRS before a balance patch goes live, there is a lot of testing going on to make sure that it is well balanced. But as we all know when the patch is live people find exploits or very strong hunter combinations which screw over characters who would be close to balanced by themselfes. So the more player can input gameplay to test the changes, the better the balance right?

So my suggestion would be that since 2-weekly balance updates are not really realistic, how about the current balance build being uploaded on an exclusive invitational server (most likely PC exclusive due to Sony and MS policies). It would be like an Alpha inside the Full Version :smile:

And before you ask: No, I do not intend to be one of those invited testers myself (I dont have the time). My motivation comes from a balance oriented point of view. I would rather see very experienced people like a few competetive players or experienced cows like @MaddCow being invited to those server and give additional feedback and more importantly telemetry on planned balance changes.

The big advantage compared to the small balance updates for everyone is that there would not be any promise of quality. For example the Devs would say: Here is what we are currently working on, but dont even bother with the new Bucket, we already know that we screwed that one over, but you cant take a look at Sunny, we did some adjustments to her, see how it goes.

Of course these test-servers should never see the unannounced WIP-characters :wink:

  • Invitational Test Servers
  • Test Servers for everyone who dares to play with it
  • Frequent balance updates would be better
  • Don’t waste time and ressources on this

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I think probably well known people from the forums should be the ones invited but I am in full support of this idea.


Not everyone who plays Evolve and is really good at Evolve likes the community, developers, forums, or streamers. Shouldn’t be biased.


Making it 100% public would be a terrible idea, there would be noobs everywhere screwing the telemetry over like there are in the game right now, invitation only would make sure that everyone was at least similar in skill level to make the telemetry actually useful, unfortunately I don’t think this is something TRS is interested in doing and might not even be possible without a whole lot of work


Hence why I didn’t say everyone.


If the playerbase were higher, having a test client so to say could be a good idea, however I feel like splitting the playerbase up (I know the suggestion is “now and then”) isn’t such a good idea.


You said “well known” people on the forum. I’m not well known, I’m damn good at monster, no one gives a shit about me. I wouldn’t be able to give my input into the test server. So no, I don’t want to be a whore for the community just to be invited to tests.


I’m torn on the fence. I would love to see something like this, but this is why they hired some ex pro players for their QA team so I feel that this would mean they aren’t doing their job. I think, from a balance standpoint, that they’ve been doing a good job lately. We went from pretty much the same team every game to a wide variety in high level play. Low level play has everything spread out as well so I think they are making progress.

While I would love to help test things, I’m torn on voting and have opted not to vote for trying it out or not.


I didnt mean to say that they are doing a bad job. In fact, I think they are doing pretty good. I just want their job to be easier and more accurate due to having more telemetry and feedback faster.


I say “well known” because people who spend a lot of time on the forums tend to be (most of the time) very well versed in terms of the game. I wouldn’t say I’m well known either and I main Monster so I’d say I am pretty good at Monster.

Those who are well known don’t “whore for the community” they do it because they enjoy it. People who are Leaders and Mods are well known. Some Regulars are too, doesn’t mean that we would/should be invited to these things.

My idea is that if you’re well known then it is likely you are well versed in the game, balance, and whatever else. Of course TRS would do a slight background check on your knowledge of the game so far and whatever else but just straight up giving it out to the public is a bad idea and giving access to those who know the game (like Mods, Leaders, and some Regulars) then it would help.


Ah fair enough. I got the wrong vibe from it. I wouldn’t mind some people helping with testing, but the problem is it would have to be really good players, but a lot of them play competitively and I don’t think they should be involved for various reasons. Its a tricky thing but many hands make light work.


You should watch what you say on these forums. We’re for voicing your opinion, but there is a right and wrong way to do this. Just remember for future reference.


That’s rewarding post counts. I’ve been on this forum supporting the game and the community since before release and I still don’t have a regular tag. Number of times posted doesn’t mean skill.


Thank you for completely disregarding my post.


Dota and h1z1 has it.Its called Dota2 Test and H1z1 Test Server.

Its simple.A new game in your steam library which you can play.It has the patch 1 week before it goes live and everyone can play it.Its just that stats or proggresion doesn’t progress or go to your main account.Its simply for testing purposes.For all players


I voted “no” because the player base is too small, we can’t have a completely separate pool where a few select (or everyone) can go try out the new stuff, that’ll just make match making on the released version even slower.