(PC) Evolve Stage 2: Jack


Currently Jack feels sub-par to other trappers. With the new trapper passive that is a few hundred times more effective than his own, simply without the damage, he doesn’t feel like a viable pick in my opinion.

He needs a new special ability I believe, this one doesn’t do much anymore. Even before, it was weak when compared to the others; as it was too slow. But the damage bonus in domes made it helpful.
Just giving feedback on his current status from a monsters perspective.


Okay that now jack’s satellite survey feels a bit underwhelming now with the planetary scanner. But i don’t think he necessarely needs a new “ability”/item. Consider that the survey marks the exact spot where the monster gets hit by the satellite while instead the scanner gives only a direction. The onky thing is to buff the survey, maybe increasing radius and beams movement speed.


I find the satellite helpful in stopping the Monster from channeling armor in the domes. I never use it outside the dome though.


I’m glad I found this because I didn’t want to create one, but i agree that maybe either a change in ability and some tweaks here or there because overall it seems that jack’s DPS ad utility seems lower compared to other “trapper/tracker” and around 60% if not more of that feeling comes from the survey sat being lackluster as I find myself wondering it is only needed if I’m reloading and want to add something, anything else into rotation.


Agree but i t hink devs wont do changes… like its kinda odv. They will probably change after a year ^^
Anyways IMO ABE is the best cuz of tracking dart. its jsut rly OP and slow comes in handy. also decent dmg from 1