PC Evolve Legacy ARISE! (Laz Voice)



Hello everyone, just wanted to post a message here for anyone interested in playing Evolve Legacy on PC. Now I know there is some players that have issues with installing one over the other (Legacy over Stage 2) but down below is a quick link on how you can have both without having to delete the other.

Guide Update: 8/18 - Switching Between Legacy and Stage 2 without Redownloading Every Time!

Now I am an Xbox One player, but since getting a gaming laptop its been hard getting players to play on pc up until recently. So far we have around 5-9 players on any given night, though we could use better communications when we should all get around what certain times.

Anyways, I love this game and since playing it on pc I feel like I missed out on something special since the quality of the game far surpasses that of a console in every aspect such as fps, lag, graphics, etc… Deep down, I know this community can grow and it will take some time and persistence, but I am willing to get it rolling. To me the key is to get just enough players to get multiple custom games going and giving players confidence that there will be a small community playing at certain times. So this is why I am committed to get players back into legacy. My steam account profile is No Mercy Beaver and you can add me and message me anytime. I can provide information for custom games, players that are playing online and so on.

I am also willing to create a new group on steam, not like the others that have a bunch of players but no one answers or really gets involved in any way (sadly) I am new to steam since I still play Evolve on Xbox One but will be getting the hang of creating a group or if anyone wants to help with it that would be great.

I know this may all sound as wishful thinking or just me being over my head. But I know some of you LOVE this game as much as I do and it can be discouraging to get legacy due to not enough people able to play online. Well its simple really, everyone knows somebody that does want to play Legacy. Spread the word out, they don’t necessarily need to get on right away but to let them know we are not giving up and trying to build the community one step at a time. Deep down, I know with the right guidance and patience along with dedicated players not only from pc but from all platforms this can work.

Well thats all I have to say, regardless I will still play Evolve on Xbox One, but it would be nice for a new start on PC, specially since the beauty of the game really shines on pc it would be such a shame for me not to try to get it going back in some way shape or form.

Happy Hunting :smile:


I have evolve for xbox one but I now have a gaming pc and have played a bit of stage 2. Seems like there are copies of legacy available that are pretty cheap. If I end up buying it I will definitely reach out.


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I’ll be joining soon as the game gets found by usps :man_facepalming:


Reporting to duty!


I’m sorry at terepin this man hasn’t been on Xbox or pc to play basically since this was posted :smirk: Legacy on pc is really as dead as it gets but I reinstalled stage 2 last night I’ll probably solo queue on that


Uhm, what?


Talking about beaver he hasn’t been on


Oh. I thought you were talking about me.


O no your on like everyday :joy: I’ll be trying my luck on stage2 tonight I’ll probably stream as long as my game play don’t look to silly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


sorry guys no luck with people going online, they all tend to go back to stage after 1 or 2 nights :confused: ill be on tonight again, hopefully we can get some customs going


also my steam account is no_mercy_beaver