PC Evolve Jam Saturday Sessions


I will be starting up a regular Saturday Session for Evolve Jam as well as coaching within the next week or two. As such, if you are interested in joining games for fun and variety please let me know in this topic. It started out with the Leaders and Mods getting together and have some fun games and have decided to branch it out to include more of the community. This is for PC only at the moment and I will be streaming those times as well. I hope to have it up and running with more information for next weekend and after the holidays settle down.

If you are interested please add me on steam (MaddCowQQ). If you are already friends with me just make a note either via PM (If you don’t want your steam name known on the forums publicly) so I can add you to a new steam Evolve Jam group. I will also be going through and remaking my coaching with cow community group as well.

Community Coaching with Cow

switching from xbox one to pc soon. love the idea.


Hell yes! - steamcommunity.com/id/TheMountainThatRoars/


ill let you all know when i make the big switch. for now ill just stream.


I’ll play some games with you if times line up. Sounds like fun


You always know where i am if you need spare peeps.


What times are we talking for this, similar to the Mod/Leader jam?


Woop, woop! Want more info on this… added you!


Not too sure. I’m trying to get Coaching with Cow back and running again so its in flux. I might try to separate Coaching EU/Aus time zones by Doing Coaching early, midday Evolve Jam, and then Coaching for late/early nighters and US times after.


Added you too on Steam ( Lerneros [GR] ) would loooove to join some of your play sessions :wink:


I’ll be going through this tonight and start getting my 2 new steam groups setup. My hope is to get this done tonight and get setup for this weekend.


I’m unfortunately out for this weekend. One more Xmas party to drive to. But afterwards I should be good,


Excited to see you on the PC though :smiley:


Me too! :grinning:


It looks like this should be happening this weekend. 80-90% sure.


I’ve added Mountain, Dead, Lerneros and Vijo to the Evolve Jam steam group. If you did not get an invite please let me know as well as any others that are interested. If we are short I might just grab ppl from the chat room at the time of the stream. I’m thinking that we will not do Coaching with Cow this week and just have a nice long Evolve Jam session.

As for time, lets plan on 12PM PST? That should allow EU and US a good time?


Shoot me one too, I should be able to attend unless the woman and kids want to do some other things that day


Invite sent :slight_smile:


Don’t forget that this will start tomorrow around 12PM PST. (3 PM EST) If you haven’t been added on my friends list AND added to my steam chat please let me know. Invites will be first come first serve and I’ll fill with people in the chat as needed.


hopefully im back from the passport office by then. would love to get some sessions in with y’all