[PC] EVOLVE - All my bugs - Have you the same?


Evolve can be a 10/10 game… but at the Moment this game have more bugs as in the Beta and makes me frustrated.


  1. In 15% of the games I lose my internet connection to the Evolve server. (Only in Evolve)

2. 40% of all games I become a mousebug. (if you play the Monster, you cant use your right mouse button to smell)

3. The Monster Goliath have to much animation bugs and freezes. Sometimes the game throws me way through the air or make me faster as a lightning.

No damage jumps:
4. Sometimes as the Goliath the jump spell make no damage, if there is a simple hill in your way (I mean not the cliffs to climb).

Wrong group joins.
5. If I want to play the Monster, the game joins me in a hunter group… Than I leave the round and must wait 1 min to join again, and after the wait I join again in a hunter team… that’s so frustrating for Monster players like me.

Everyone else with this problems?

To NR. 2: I use 2 Monitors and play in the “Window Fullscreen” mode. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.
But one of my firends play in the normal fullscreen mode and have the same bug.


DC ? Check
Mouse ? Nope
Animation bug ? Nope
No damage jumps ? Check
Joining hunter groups ? DOUBLE CHECK…