PC EU Looking for peolple or a group with decent skills


Hi there, i’m looking for some decent Evolve players to form a team or a larger group!
The random multiplayer matches and the lack of microphones on many fellow hunters really annoy me…
I would love to add some strategic depht to my evolve gaming!
I am lvl 33 and mainly play trapper but i am familiar with every class; cannot say much about my skills, sometimes i make brilliant tactical decisions, sometimes i look like the biggest noob in the group :slight_smile:
I guess normally i make a pretty decent job and I am open for criticism!
I speak german and english.
That’s it so far, just leave a message or hit me up on steam: Kyojin

Have a good hunt!




hab dich geadded


asdasdasdasd ?

i didn’t get any notification on steam…


Didn’t find your profile on that name, but if you want a decent all around player send me an invite: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197986225703


I would love to play with you and others me myself have been looking to play with a group or team.I am a lvl 40 and i main monster and medic and i speak english and swedish, my steam name is conjugates.


Added you both on steam!
Yeah I thought i had an unique nickname but i just learned that there are many Kyojins around on Steam so i got back to my old username:


Now it should be no problem to find my Steam profile :wink:


cant find u

add me http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197991557239/


Someone else out there?