(PC) Elder's red Lightning effect does not get deleted after the game ended


Farming masteries for Elder Kraken, I have encountered this visual glitch every time on that map.


Because it should be all lightningy and badass and stuff… Gotcha.


It seems to happen on other maps too. I think it is caused by previous games on the same map as Elder Kraken, when a Lightning Strike is used just when the game ends. The red lightning effect does not seem to clear out properly.

Here is a screenshot of that effect in a Arena Game where I previously fought Elder Kraken, but am now fighting Goliath.


I can confirm that this has happened to me on xbox as well


I hate to be that guy but I’d rather them work to their fullest to fix gameplay breaking bugs and making adaptations, than things like this.


Same, but I’d still bring it up as a ‘if you can then fix it, if not then don’t worry’ kind of issue.