[PC] "Download corrupt" on Steam



After a few problems, I’d decided to re-download the game in order to fix those issues, but guess what: I can’t even download the game. Everytime Steam puts the download in queue and a message appears “A error occurred while updating Evolve (download corrupt)”.

I’ve already tried to verify the game’s cache, switching download-region, deleting the game folder and re-download it again, but nothing seem to work. I don’t know what to do.

Any ideas? Don’t know if it is a issue with my internet connection either.


So you have deleted everything and steam won’t allow Evolve to be downloaded?


Yep. The download is simple put in queue and I manually have to start it again. ): Few seconds later, it’s queue’d again.


hmmm that’s weird.First of all make every folder of evolve is deleted from steamapps.
After that i dunno what’s wrong.Sorry.


I got the same problem now. bought the cd version and when its updating, its just like: Fuck you download corrupted.
Someone know how to fix it? i have also deleting all evolve files. and verify cache


Is it still happening?