[PC]Does hunter get multi damage by gorgon?


I play gorgon,but I can’t find a individual categories for it,so I put in here.

My question is does hunter get multi damage by gorgon?The act is gorgen spray the acid ,and snake attack to a hunter in the acid area.Is the hunter will take a damage from snake attack and acid damage in the same time?Or the system will ignore one of them?

Same as frame fire of golia.


Fire is the same type of damage and doesn’t stack. For instance Caira and Hyde fire dot does not stack. Meteor Goliath’s fire attacks do not stack as it is all the same damage. However, the web snare, acid spray and trap door spider are all 3 different damage types so they stack.


Yes, Gorgon is really good at staking up damage.


Is it the kind of not stacking where it does the same damage, or the kind of not stacking where Hyde’s DoT is stronger and overwrites Caira’s. Do you know that by any chance?


They both do the same, so it only refreshes the DoT in that case.


So buffing Caira’s DoT would be a buff to Hyde as well?


Most likely. I’m sure they have the ability to set them at different values, but that needlessly complicates a lot of things.


I think the question was, can you pounce a hunter in acid spray and deal extra damage?


Yes you can and it’s beautiful when you pouce someone in acid.


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