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Hey every one I’m pretty new to this forum thing so best with me. I’m really enjoying reading what everyone has to say. So I really wanted to write somthing up and so I’ve thought about it and I no that there is a lot of console peeps. But unfortunately I love my computer more then anything lol
So I love to no what kind of computer u guys have I’ll put my spec’s under this

Intel 4790
X2 nividia 780
X2 8gb ram 1888 MHz
1000 watts power supply
Custom fans
Water cooling

Ps I no I forgot my mother board I’ll see if I can find it later

Pps I’m wondering just how well my computer will run evolve if any know love to know


It will run evolve just fine.


If you’re honestly wondering that then I’m guessing you had a relative build that computer for you.


I have never really built my very own guess u can say that I have friends that help me what to pick :wink:


I’m honestly wondering why you’re asking how well it’ll run Evolve when you have a $2000+ gaming rig with SLI’d flagship GTX 780s.


Alright mabe I want to know if I’ll run it on extreme? And what of fps I’ll get but I don’t think I’ll know till it comes out


You answered your own question, gotta wait until it’s out before we see frame rates. Unless the devs can give us some numbers for reference with current builds.


Sorry bud, you’re out of luck. You’ll only be able to play on medium settings with that rig. You’ll need at least 2x nvidia titans if you want extreme with 60+ fps.


Quad SLI Titans for 4k gaming if you want to be bold.

Kappa. :stuck_out_tongue:


GTX 780’s in SLI and you’re wondering if your computer will run it? My build is a piece of crap next to yours.


I really didn’t want to come off as a giant prick I’m still new To this so sorry if that’s what people are thinking


In general, no one can know until they release minimum PC Specs. The easiest way to know (about, anyway) is to check out games with the same engine. For example, http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri and trying out Crysis 3.

Realistically, with your rig you shouldn’t be worrying about it regardless. To most people reading it, it seems like you’re bragging. Most people running two 780s in SLI don’t need to ask, as they know it’s probably a yes.


Ya well thanks anyway guess I’m alittle excited for the game and wanted to share some how


I have something similar, but 4770k @4.2 Ghz

In alpha I was running about 100fps in 1080p everything maxed out. SLI was ON, scaling was bad, but it still run like butter.

[edit] is your profile picture, a picture of your rig? - if yes, give us more :smile:

[edit 2] what monitor/s do you use with this setup?


Yes it is my rig I’ll give u up dates when I’m home just at work ATM hahha mabe I should do somthing rather then say on here lol


My rig with my Xbox one

My dual screen on right is LG 27 inch and the left benQ 22 inch and the wireless Razer head set and the 3ds thrown in there too lol.

Blackwindow ultimate stealth keyboard and the Razer taipan mouse

So u can see I think I love it my computer abit to much haha


i think you like Razer too :smiley:


Ya well went Logitech for a while so I wanted a change.

Good luck GDI


Yeah, I’m Logitech guy… G500 mouse, and G510 keyboard, C910 camera… :wink: all I need now is their underwear… LOL

[edit] I do have something from Razor. Razor Hydra, and something else, but i’m at work now and i don’t recall… oh, just checked my email. I had their Controller: “Razer Sabertooth Elite Gaming Controller for Xbox 360” It was the best controller i have ever own on xbox. The alternate buttons on the bottom of the controller were very helpful.


G500 Is a killer mouse had one myself for a cupple years