PC data transfer help

Hello, I have recently mastered a lot of characters on the Xbox one version of Evolve but now have a PC which can run it, is there any way of taking progress from my Xbox account to my PC?

Unfortunately, nothing in Evolve is transferable to a different platform. You will have to start fresh on PC.

Aren’t skins that you already own transferable? I could be heavily mistaken and probably be banned for lyfe

Those definitely are not, since the system used is exclusive to each platform; Microsoft and Sony are not exactly sharing store information with each other. :wink:

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Well, if it will cheer you up a bit, I can tell you that the next title update should unlock all masteries in ranked mode.

Thanks for the knowledge, I need it because i aint so smarty,

Skins from challenges are because those are tied to your my2k account and by connecting to that you can get things like Voodoo skins, Frostbite, Gold Skins, ect.

Thats all you need honestly.

Things are transferable to other systems on the same platform, just not between different platforms. For example, you have every skin unlocked on one Xbox will be usable on any other Xbox you log your account in on, but will not be usable on a PS4 or PC.

I’m pretty sure those are also exclusive per platform, regardless of your MY2K status, as you have to be logged into the platform you want the skin to be unlocked on.

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I don’t believe they are, pretty sure you can swap console all you want but those skins will transfer. As long as you are connected to the my2k that is.

Yes, you can swap Consoles on the same Platform, but they will not be unlocked on different platforms, as far as I’m aware. If you have it on Xbox, you’ll have it on any Xbox, but you wont have it on PS4 or PC.

Sure about that? I’m like 99% sure that you can swap platform or console and it will still work :confused:

I’m pretty sure, but not positive. @LadieAuPair would be able to correct me if I am wrong though.

You’re correct, @MajorLeeHyper - I know from personal experience. They are platform specific entitlements.


I play XB and PC and challenge skins like @LadieAuPair said are console specific. To get both I needed to play on both platforms that weekend.

@Jhonnydoes you don’t need to completely start from scratch if you use the Hunter’s Quest mobile app. You can play the game and get the masteries for the original 12 hunters complete up to 50%, and that will transfer over to whatever platform you choose as long as the app is connected to your my2K account.

The badges you unlock in the app will also carry over.

Hope that helps!

Well thanks for the help all.