[PC] customs


I put it in general because effort to scroll down.

Anyways looking for anyone here that plays PC that’d be interested in doing customs, I get bored of quickplay seeing as it always seems one sided…

My customs usually include:
No elite wild life
Round robin: on

So if that’s cool with you, it also gives people a chance to learn new characters, MIC preferred not needed ~

My steam is /geekyowl feel free to add


Send me an invite if I’m on… :slight_smile: I cannot guarantee tonight but definitely this weekend I’ll have time


Weekend = girlfriend time soz until the afternoon


Haha, that’s so funny, same here with my wife. Can only play in the afternoon - nightish.


Weeked = Owl Gets Stroked


You can add me.



Uh yu can add me cause I’m not home xD

@Seedsy he knows how it goes down owl appreciation weekend :cupcake:


Sent you a request. Whenever you need people for a custom, you can invite me if I’m on, and not already in a custom :wink:


Sure. I sent you friend request


@XplosionIncorporated @heppi

I’ll accept ya both when I’m gone maybe we can do customs then.

Be around 40min


I’m also gonna have to get ready for Prom :stuck_out_tongue: so I won’t be on for long.


Prom? Proms still a thing? Dam


Added you buuuttt I am EU player so I doubt we will get to play some together X-D


he plays on EU Time most the time