PC crashed to desktop at player search in matchmaking. Anyone else?


Game will load up fine and I can do everything except when i search for a match on skirmish the game just closes and goes to desktop. I dont get a error or any sort of indication as to what is going on. Is anyone else having this problem? I reinforced game cache on steam and its still doing this any help is welcomed please!!


Same crap. I randomly crash to desktop, but never in matchmaking or lobby, in game only

What’s your PC’s specs?


GTX 760 i was playing fine all yesterday and last night i dont think its my PC specs. I just updated drivers to it just randomly crashes to desktop when i search for other players…so annoying
It will show the searching then just close out with no errors i dunno what this is could if be firewall?


Hello bmcnair09,

I am facing the exact same issue today. Can you please tell me how did you solve your problem ?



I just started getting this today. Cannot play at all.
Restarted my PC, verified game cache integrity, but nothing.

Searching for any game, Evacuation or Skirmish results in a crash to desktop before I can find someone to play with.

No error is displayed.