PC - Crash with no error/warning?


All 3 players in my private lobby party tonight had an instance where Evolve simply “minimized” and disappeared. No messages, warnings or errors. The game just disappeared.

Worst of all, it happened like 40 seconds from winning Evacuation, thus making the person that crashed get zero progress/experience for the entire mission (that sucks btw).

Any error logs we could look in to see what happened?


Any thoughts at all?

The crash didn’t happen at the same time for everybody. Different modes, different maps, different characters.


hmm never had that one, and its rare for a crash to behave like that , i assume you guys are friends , do you all have some third party mod type thing installed?


Nope. No mods, we don’t use them. 3 different type PC’s too.


i got the same problem on my desktop PC and it happens to me 3 times a’week from any time while playing hunter or monster , this problem also happened to a’winning monster VS my hunter team which made us win , iv searched many posts with no answer to this issue which its getting wider within evolve players , the game is getting harder to play or even to do the game weekly events … its like a’matter of the less game crashed player wins , and my PC spec is inter® core™ i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40Ghz - 3.90Ghz / Ram 16 GM /GeForce GTX 770 , i dont have any problem such problem in any other games like ffxiv for example and blizzard games .