PC - Controlling monster with KB/M


So, long time Xbox player here trying out TU09 on PC. I can adjust to the hunters with kb/m just fine, but the monster?..

I’m struggling to keep control of my character whilst also aiming and using my 4 abilities. Just looking for some advice on how to adapt to kb/m, or a good custom config or whatever. Any tips would be appreciated.

P.S. saying ‘plug in a controller’ dosen’t count :slight_smile:


Lol, I use an X1 controller but I’m trying to get used to m/k with a moba mouse.


Yeah, I’m tempted to purchase a cable to plug in my controller for monster but I’d like to try to learn kb/m first. It just feels so…clunky


What is a moba mouse?[quote=“The_Little_Jay, post:3, topic:88933”]
a cable to plug in my controller

Any android charger cable should work. So if you have an old phone charger or something.



Holy hell that actually worked. Kinda defeats the point of the thread but still very useful to know. Thanks!


Whoa. I would probably be even worse with that haha but thanks.[quote=“The_Little_Jay, post:6, topic:88933”]

Don’t mention it!


What monsters?


I just mentioned it :stuck_out_tongue:


So far all I’ve got unlocked is the Goliaths


Like others said, the best way to play monster on PC is with a Moba mouse. It allows you to constantly be moving while being able to use and aim your ability.


My fingers rest on pinky tab, ring q, middle w, index d, thumb space. My index finger will move between A/S/D when I use ability 1/2. My middle and ring finger will move between W/A/S/D when I use ability 3/4.

I’ve never used a special mouse in my life, and I don’t think they give you an advantage once you find a comfortable setup. If you want to invest in anything I would suggest a gaming keyboard as your keyboard can only really read a few keystrokes pressed at once. If you want to do like 5 or 6 actions at once it might ignore some of your commands.