PC Competitive Play


I’ve seen quite a push for competitive play on the Xbox One at E3 this year. I was just wondering if there will be as much effort put into the competitive play on the PC as well. I have a great team in my clan who are really excited about this game and hope to get into the competitive scene.


That was all pc gameplay, just with xbox controllers


They have said the game will be pretty much exactly the same and give the same great experience on all systems. Also to note most fps are played competitively on pc if i remember correctly because it’s just better.


Hey killer I am a PC player and plan on being on evolve a lot so if you need a extra add me on steam willing to be hunter or monster.


I’m hesitant to think Evolve can ever be truly competitive. Monster vs Hunters x2 maybe.

I know the ratio of Monster wins to Hunter wins at TRS and at these public events are more or less split right down the middle at 50:50, but if I was a betting man, I would bet that a team of 4 competitive players playing as Hunters take down the 1 competitive player playing as the Monster 99% of the time.

But that’s just sort’ve my cynical prognosis. I’m super looking forward to getting the game, and hopefully! hopefully being proven wrong.


That’s fair to say, and not many people have even played it yet so it’s still hard to tell. One thing I can say though this is the beauty of balance design. Even a top competitive level and a new casual level there is ways of balancing all games and I’m sure they will take that into account. They developers are more then likely the best at this game atm, so they know what it’s like playing with 4 people that really know what they are doing.

This is not call of duty, or super smash bros brawl. I guarantee the makers will continue to balance the game, so that won’t happen.


Biggest hurdle for Evolve to be seen as a serious competitive game is its format for tournaments and what not. 4v1 makes it hard to have traditional teams.


That’s true. My guess is it will be a mix of 4-5 player teams. Maybe an independent monster player, or someone who is somehow great at both his role and monster.


I mean, what’re you guys hoping for? MLG esque competitions online and at public events? the next Call of Duty or Counter Strike? I don’t think that’s going to happen. Evolve will likely still have high level players, sure. In terms of being a competitive game, though, it’s features will have to be stripped down completely for to fly with the pro gaming community.


For it to be a good esport it needs 3 main things

  1. a large, healthy competitive scene
  2. a fun game to watch as a spectator
  3. backing by the developers to some extent

Dota is by no means a stripped down game, but it does fine as an esport because it has all those things. Evolve is definitely fun to watch, but I don’t know about the competitive scene (again because of the awkward format for tournaments, but it could work) And we still don’t know if TRS will want to promote evolve as an esport.


I think this game has fair potential. Maybe not as the next CoD or large MLG esports game, but as something. Every competitive game has to start somewhere. I was part of a developing esports scene within a game a year ago, and to get it off the ground the community created their own tournaments and worked with the developers to provide small prizes. Started completely from scratch with small open to all tournaments and worked into a full season type thing with weekly matches during the summer. Got some people from the community to stream and commentate, clans created websites to follow teams, ladders, and stats. It was going great until the developer got rid of PvP in the game, and everyone just kinda left.

So if no one wants to pick it up as an esport, we can always just do it ourselves.

I also really like the format of 4v1 matches. One team vs the other team’s monster. 5 man teams. It would make practice matches easy to schedule and you can even practice easily within your own team. I don’t know how well that’s going to work in a real tournament setting, but I think it could lead to some really interesting matches and strategies. The Hunters are their own unit, they have to work together and create team strategies. The Monster on the other hand is a lone wolf, and has his own strategy as well as dismantling the Hunters’ strategy.


I found an interesting interview during PAX east. Watch towards the end of it. It sounds like they are cooking up some plans for esport support for evolve. However the guy being interviewed no longer works for TRS, so I wonder if that is still being pursued.


Everyone keeps talking about it not being “vanilla” enough for Esports. That’s really not all that relevant, it’s barely a shooter in the traditional sense.

What are the biggest Esports games out there? Mobas (League of Legends, Dota 2 for those who don’t know what Moba is) and what do Mobas have over shooters? They make for better spectating, the over the battlefield view point and the fact that the “action” isn’t over in 2 seconds. Teamfights, skirmishing, ganks, all of those take time. You don’t die in a split second in a Moba (most of the time).

Evolve has that feel to it as well, and the third person monster perspective also helps. Consider how “watchable” Evolve is, that’s where the true key to Esports exists. If you can’t draw an audience, nobody cares if it’s the best “competitive” game out there.


Yes I plan to play evolve competitively. Add me on steam. Click on my profile, link is in description


Yeah, few would have ever thought DOTA or mobas in general would later become the esport rock stars they are today. In fact that entire genre is something no publisher in their right mind would have ever backed. It is popular today because the community loved it and fought for it.

If the evolve community enjoys playing and watching competitive evolve matches, then a bottom up competitive scene will grow. I think evolve has all the right elements for it. Who cares if the top pro players of other games don’t like it. Pro players are pro because they get paid for it, and if the community backs it and the developers/sponsors are throwing money at it, then someone within the community will be more than happy to become the next evolve pro payer.

My only concern (which is becoming less of a concern tbh) is if the 4v1 format will get in the way of the bottom-up competitive community from growing. In other words, if its a pain in the ass for the community to throw together competitive matches and tournys, then an evolve esport is out of the question.


i wonder if they will have a save replay option that takes in what you or everyone (if at all) if they did i might even think of going some commentating such as when cheese fails (lifesaglitchtv) and if people would do scheduled tournaments i would love to cast them as well as be part of them


i expect(really hope) that it will have a somewhat big competitive community . Left 4 dead 1 and tf 2 where the only 2 modern shooters i played on a competitive level with a team and such(miss the old quake / ut days). So they hopefully give the community the tools and support to make it big in that scene.


In this Nerdist article, some of the editors chimed in on Evolve’s e-sport potential.

In terms of e-sports, though, I think this is definitely going to be the hot new thing. We were fortunate enough to be asked to host the first ever Evolve E3 tournament, and it was the most fun I had at E3 2014, hands down. Even when I wasn’t directly involved in a match or I was walking past 2K’s giganticbooth, I found myself drawn into the action up on the screen and before I knew it I’d been watching and cheering like it was a World Cup match. Easy to watch and fun to play? You might just be on to something Turtle Rock…

As Dan said, the potential for this game garnering a solid e-sports community is extremely practical. Watching this game is more entertaining than most sporting events you’d find on television, and the amount of strategy involved in Evolve mixed with the high energy required to implement said strategies is right up the MLG/WGC’s alley. Don’t be surprised if there’s a high profile national championship of some sort for this game in the coming years.


Personally I want evoked to become competitive more than anything else. I plan on trying to play competitively on ps4, although if id have to I would play on pc(as I come from the competitive MOBA scene in Smite). I also plan on trying to do whatever I can behind the scenes to help grow Evolve, seeing as it’s the only reason I am purchasing a PS4… coming from a background of running tournaments, helping people and teams set up streams, and playing games competitively I believe Evolve has one of the highest potentials to become the next big eSports game. With a little love and nurturing by 2k and TRS, but especially us Evolve junkies, this game will revolutionize esports!!!


Your post brings up an interesting point. Evolve will run on multiple platforms, so which one will come out on top as the esport standard. Or will TRS/2k and other promoters spread their energy on all three? Most esport games are just on one platform, and if its on multiple platforms, one usually comes out on top. I guess it depends on which platform’s community supports it, but they’ will be fighting each other for attention.